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Outside Nevada

Represent Clients who live outside Nevada:

We are one of the few Las Vegas law firms that represents clients who live outside of Nevada for cases in the Las Vegas area.  We use modern technology to communicate with our clients and represent them in family court.  For ten years, we have accepted cases from clients who are hauled into court for child custody or divorce issues and saved them a lot of money on travel expenses.  Call us to schedule a Skype or Google Hangout or other teleconference with our Las Vegas family lawyer.


The information about divorce in Henderson or Las Vegas contained on this page is not intended to be legal advice about divorce in Henderson or Las Vegas.  Your divorce in Henderson or Las Vegas should always be evaluated by a Henderson or Las Vegas divorce lawyer.  You should treat divorce in Henderson or Las Vegas with the seriousness it requires.  Just as you would not likely conduct surgery on yourself, you should not represent yourself in court regarding your divorce in Henderson or Las Vegas. At the very least, consult with a Henderson or Las Vegas divorce lawyer—multiple times if necessary if you insist upon representing yourself.

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