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Legal custody involves having basic legal responsibility for a child and making major decisions regarding the child, including the child's health, education, and religious upbringing. Sole legal custody vests this right with one parent, while joint legal custody vests this right with both parents. Joint legal custody requires that the parents be able to cooperate, communicate, and compromise to act in the best interest of the child. In a joint legal custody situation, the parents must consult with each other to make major decisions regarding the child's upbringing, while the parent with whom the child is residing at that time usually makes minor day-to-day decisions.

Joint legal custody can exist regardless of the physical custody arrangements of the parties. Also, the parents need not have equal decision-making power in a joint legal custody situation.  For example, one parent may have decision-making authority regarding certain areas or activities of the child's life, such as education or healthcare. If the parents in a joint legal custody situation reach an impasse and are unable to agree on a decision, then the parties may appear before the court “on an equal footing” to have the court decide what is in the best interest of the child.

If your joint legal custody rights have been violated, you should consulted with a family attorney immediately.  Failure to hold the parent violating your rights accountable in court can eventually have adverse affects on your rights because you can be deemed to have waived them and the cumulative effect of such waivers could create a changed circumstance leading the other parent to file for sole legal custody.

When you need a Las Vegas child custody attorney to stand up for your parental rights, you should consult with Las Vegas joint legal custody attorney Anthony Wright, Esq.  The Wright Law Offices, PC will keep your best interests in mind, including the costs associated with legal assistance, and shall help you with your joint legal custody dispute.

It is important to have a Las Vegas joint legal custody attorney who has lived in Las Vegas for many years and knows the courts, the judges, and other lawyers. An attorney who is not ready to go to court is not ready to help you with your joint legal custody dispute.

Your joint legal custody dispute will require legal analysis using state-of-the-art online applications to review the various legal sources that apply to your case, including: Nevada Supreme Court Opinions, Nevada Revised Statutes, Nevada Civil Procedures, Nevada Rules of Court, Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure, Eighth Judicial District Court Rules, Las Vegas Municipal Codes, Clark County Municipal Codes, and state and local administrative law.

The above legal sources will be considered by your joint legal custody attorney and applied to the issues and circumstances involved in your joint legal custody dispute.  Your joint legal custody dispute will require application to the laws in the sources above to your specific facts.  Your joint legal custody attorney will use his legal training, which includes trial experience, negotiation experience, and continuing legal education requirements to develop the best strategy to resolve your joint legal custody dispute.


The information about child custody contained on this page is not intended to be legal advice about child custody.  Your child custody matter should always be evaluated by a child custody lawyer.  You should treat child custody with the seriousness it requires. Just as you would not likely conduct surgery on yourself, you should not represent yourself in court regarding your child custody matter.  At the very least, consult with a child custody lawyer—multiple times if necessary if you insist upon representing yourself.

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