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Family Law Firm in Las Vegas

Our Las Vegas law firm is dedicated to helping people all across the Las Vegas Valley, throughout the United States, and around the World.  This is because the divorce laws in Nevada make it likely that part of the family is here and part of it is elsewhere.  Because individuals can easily marry in Las Vegas with no waiting periods, notice requirements, and no blood tests, many issues can arise shortly after the marriage which may lead to annulment or divorce. Likewise, the divorce process can begin six weeks after a person has resided in Las Vegas or Nevada--one of the shortest residency requirements in the world.

Las Vegas divorce cases are first and foremost about the lives of the people involved. Divorce means permanent changes for both spouses and children, which leaves many important issues to address. At The Wright Law Offices, our Las Vegas divorce lawyer understands the outcome of your divorce will affect the quality of the rest of your family's lives. We focus on assisting husbands and wives in these challenging decisions with regard to home life, property, and parenthood. Our Las Vegas divorce attorney is committed to helping our clients through these challenges with compassionate yet uncompromising representation. 

At The Wright Law Offices, we confidently handle any type of divorce from straightforward uncomplicated divorces with no children and little property to complex dissolutions involving significant assets and contested child custody issues. Our Las Vegas law firm provides clients with a realistic perspective of their case and the potential outcomes. We work to achieve our clients' goals, within the bounds of professional and ethical representation. 

We begin each case by sitting down with the client and listening to the client's needs. We will make sure the client fully understand how each decision made will impact the family. We will not let the client rush into emotional decisions that can be very costly and may have a negative impact on the client's life. We believe that mediation and negotiated settlements are almost always the better alternative to divorce courtroom litigation, but we will fight aggressively for our client's rights when the other side does not want to negotiate in good faith.

Consulting with an experienced divorce lawyer prior to initiating an action may resolve the issue and prevent a costly trial.  Consulting with a divorce lawyer prior to telling your spouse of your intentions can also protect your interests in money and property. Because there may be disputed issues such as custody timeshare, temporary protection orders, alimony, or business value assessments that need to be negotiated, mediated, or litigated, you should consult with an experienced divorce lawyer in Las Vegas as early as possible once you know you are heading for divorce. Complex and assertive negotiation skills of an experienced divorce lawyer are necessary in order to reach the final decree.


Nevada is a community property State and the law of community property directs the courts when dividing asset from a marriage. The judge will want to hear from an experienced divorce lawyer in Las Vegas to fully understand the issues in your divorce to assist in rendering a decree. All property acquired during marriage is presumed to be community property, but an experienced divorce lawyer will know how to rebut the presumption. With the aid of an experienced divorce lawyer the court considers all property acquired during marriage to be community in nature and subject to 50/50 split, unless such would be inequitable. However, an experienced divorce lawyer can point out that certain property is considered to be separate property, not subject to division, meaning it belongs only to one spouse. For example, separate property includes, property owned prior to the marriage, or property one spouse received as a gift or through a will or inheritance. 

Sometimes property that was once separate may become community property if it is considered to be co-mingled or gifted to the community. Co-mingling can occur, for example, by depositing separate property funds into the spouses' joint bank account. Gifting could occur by using separate property funds to improve a community residence. When the marriage is on its way to dissolution the court attempts to make an equitable, though not necessarily equal, division of the community assets and awarding each spouse their separate assets.  Comingling and transmutation are complex legal matters that an experienced divorce lawyer in Las Vegas will know how to unravel.  Whether or not the opposing spouse has an experienced divorce lawyer, you will definitely want one.


The information about divorce contained on the pages to the left is not intended to be legal advice about divorce.  Your divorce matter should always be evaluated by a divorce lawyer.  You should treat divorce with the seriousness it requires.  Just as you would not likely conduct surgery on yourself, you should not represent yourself in court regarding your divorce.  At the very least, consult with a divorce lawyer—multiple times if necessary if you insist upon representing yourself.