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Child Support

Child Support

In Las Vegas, the formula for calculating child support is established by law. If it is set in black and white by statute, you may ask why you would require an attorney.

You must have a child support lawyer, because the process of calculating child support becomes much more complicated when there is a joint custody agreement in place or when other factors apply that could cause a deviation up or down in child support.

Child support in Las Vegas is determined by various factors, including the types of custody that were established and the incomes of the parents. The legal factors are extensive and the facts or circumstances of your case must be understood and applied to those legal factors by a experiences Divorce and Child support lawyer. Learn more and call a knowledgeable Divorce and Child support lawyer for legal assistance.

In the past, Las Vegas child support determinations depended on who won primary custody of the childrenor joint custody of the children. The Nevada Supreme Court opinion known as Rivero has changed this. The court decided that the amount of actual time spent with a child may be a more important indication of the amount of child support payments than the custody label listed in the divorce agreement.

Moreover, other deviations from the statutory formula for child support can be argued by a Las Vegas child support lawyer for a variety of reasons, including:

Health insurance and medical expenses, particularly those for children with chronic illnesses or developmental delays;
Household incomes;
Educational needs;
Day-to-day needs of the child, including day care, clothing and school supplies; and
Relationship factors.


The information about child support contained on this page is not intended to be legal advice about child support.  Your child support matter should always be evaluated by a local child support lawyer.  You should treat child support with the seriousness it requires.  Just as you would not likely conduct surgery on yourself, you should not represent yourself in court regarding your child support matter.  At the very least, consult with a local child support lawyer—multiple times if necessary if you insist upon representing yourself.

Because child support is important to you, Las Vegas child support lawyer Anthony M. Wright will fight for you in court if you believe that the child support amount is unfair.  

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