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Award Name Granting Organization Date
Top Lawyers Desert Companion 2014
Certificate of Appointment State Bar of Nevada Mentorship Program 2012
Section of Business Law American Bar Association 2005
Domestic Violence Task Force Completion William S. Boyd School of Law -- CALI for Professional Responsibility 2003
Negotiation Competition American Bar Association -- Law Student Division 2003
Certificate of Appreciation Eighth Judicial District Court 2002

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Integrity. Reliability. Responsive.
Posted by Alicia, 3 months ago
I recommend Anthony Wright.

I do not have words to describe the value that Mr. Anthony Wright has brought to my family. He puts his integrity above all other priorities he has set forth in his practice. I have approached him with matters that he has advised me to handle independently when I was prepared to pay him a fee. He truly cares and acts in the best interest of his clients. 

Additionally, he is active in the community and contributed a great deal to my non-profit--fiscally and timewise. I would recommend him 100%.

Finaly a laywer that could help me
Posted by Jherri F, 3 months ago
I recommend Anthony Wright.

I been lookin round for a good attorney to help me but they were all too busy and espensive all the time never returning calls or answering they phones. cops say I was selling drugs and I wasnt and I wanted the judge to know this and I wanted the DA to know this and I wanted a plea deal. Anthony Wright negociated for me and got me a great deal.. he found problems with the citation and said he could use that to convince the DA to settle because the judge may not convick me.

excellent work
Posted by Osmany, 3 months ago
I recommend Anthony Wright.

Anthony did a good job he represent in court had to pay some money for a good priced ticket and he fixed for less than half think I will hire him again in the near future ....

Helped me get out from under my upside down home
Posted by Andrew, 3 months ago
I recommend Anthony Wright.

Anthony Wright Esq. got me out of a horrible mortgage situation so that I did not have a deficiency judgment and did not have to pay a gift tax because the bank forgave my debt and then he even got them to give me money!!!! I got $3500 even though I owed money and i got out from under the house and am now happy renting. I also asked Mr. Wright if he could help me with a bunch of traffic tickets that went into warrant because i forgot about them and he was able to get rid of the warrants. From now on when i have any kind of legal issue, this is who I am calling. He knows a lot about the law and he knows a lot of lawyers.

Anthony Wright helps a lot of people
Posted by Juliet, 3 months ago
I recommend Anthony Wright.

I have asked Mr. Wright legal questions and he has answered them free of charge in matters related to landlord/tenant and also a car accident. I then referred a friend who had a criminal case to Mr. Wright and he handled the matter with no complaints from the clients. He had patience to step my friend through every part of the process that he did not understand.

Excellent Service
Posted by Steven Sales, 3 months ago
I recommend Anthony Wright.

Anthony went the extra mile plus more to make sure all issues where resolved. I will only have Anthony represent file family. I Highly recommend him.... 

Steven S

Awesome attorney!
Posted by Rachel, 3 months ago
I recommend Anthony Wright.

I was going through a challenging custody case and Anthony was so awesome at handling everything and keeping me informed and what to Expect throughout the whole case. He really cared about my case.

Helped with numerous Real Eatate Matters
Posted by Mike, 3 months ago
I recommend Anthony Wright.

I have been a business owner for 20+ years within the realms of finance and real estate. Over the years I have necessitated legal counsel from time-to-time concerning matters ranging from basic business registration to representation. I was introduced to Anthony through a mutual associate. Anthony has proven himself adept at a variety of legal matters and conducts himself in a professional and caring way. His manner and knowledge are befitting of someone far beyond his years and those are only surpassed by his experience. While I continue to make use of his services when needed, I have also referred several associates whose experiences and opinions of Mr. Wright echo my own. I HIGHLY recommend this attorney.

Not a creepy sleezeball!
Posted by Jennifer, 3 months ago
I recommend Anthony Wright.

Finally an attorney that I can trust not to be a money grubbing sleezeball! Attorneys get such a bad name must of the time and leave a bad taste in your mouth. This one is different. Anthony is knowledgeable and trustworthy. A rare find in this world. I highly recommend him and refer everyone I know to him. Thank you for your service Anthony!

Talented lawyer who genuinely cares about his clients
Posted by Michael, 3 months ago
I recommend Anthony Wright.

I have known Anthony for many years, and have come to him several times for legal advice. As it relates to traffic tickets, Anthony's firm is incredibly responsive and effective at resolving them for a reasonable price. Over 20 years of driving I have hired lawyers to resolve speeding tickets on 3 occasions. The first 2 times, 2 different large firms dropped the ball, failed to handle the ticket correctly, which resulted in warrants being issued for my arrest and a bigger hassle to get them resolved. What are the odds? Anthony resolved my ticket without any incident, and his team provided me with status along the way. About 5 years ago, I was sued by a large company regarding a freedom of speech issue. The company fully expected to drain me financially and bully me into silence, knowing full well I did not have the financial resources to battle them. This case was not Anthony's area of expertise, but he took the time to research legal precedent and ensured that I responded to the lawsuit comprehensively and timely. Thanks in large part to Anthony's willingness to go the extra mile for the little guy, I not only prevailed in court, but actually reached a settlement with the large company - something I wasn't even going after. Anthony has also represented my family in multiple other legal matters, and has proven consistently that he cares about the people he represents. Anthony is incredibly smart, and has a passion for the law and for learning. I have hired lawyers in the past who very clearly overstated their billable hours and took very little interest in me as a person or the case at hand. Anthony always puts in the extra time to know his clients, to know their cases, and to know the law, and in my experience, he puts in many more hours than he bills for to get things done right. I would most definitely hire Anthony for any future legal matters I may need addressed!